Sweater With Fur Sleeves

Neutral colours, simple fashions and classic clothes rule in my closet. However, when my eyes reveal some wonderful details – I cannot refuse them. I love delicate decorations in the form of lace, studs or fur.

Especially I used the term ” delicate ” 🙂 This small element should only be included in the whole so that it still matches most of my clothes.

Big geometric patterns, shoes full of nails or animal motifs in the total look edition do not speak to me. I prefer accents, interestingly woven into minimalism.

A capsule wardrobe, in which all the elements fit together. My wardrobe is very close to such a system, but I consciously try to destroy these ordered patterns. I like to go crazy sometimes with patterns or colours, which link with simple clothes. Thanks to that, it does not boring in my closet, and I can play with fashion while maintaining a healthy balance 🙂


Author: milanojony

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