Panther Skirt Maxi –Awesome Style

Maxi skirt? At this time of year? In addition to the leopard coat? It is impossible. Where my minimalism, sticking to assumptions and planning wardrobe. This is proof that fashion madness is sometimes needed. Looking at my latest stylizations, I found that everything is polite and orderly. There is a lack of breaking and something original. In the end, sometimes you have to experiment a little. Let’s remember that fashion is above all a good fun, not just rigid standards and trends.

The choice fell on the panther skirt maxi. She enchanted me with her typeface, print and … versatility. It can be combined with Ramones, sweater and in the summer for delicate ballerinas. All you need is a subdued mountain because this motive does not like competition. If we just give him a shine, he’ll do the whole stylization. I love such solutions 🙂



Author: milanojony

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