Ideal Duet of Jeans and a Shirt

Is a shirt and jeans combo an ideal duet for you?
For me, it’s a favourite set all year round. It’s as much as a little black dress – you can wear it for many occasions, it’s a great comfy and it’s great to wear it.
Such an outfit is simple, classy and universal.
If you have a dilemma, what is this wear, this set will always help you.
Do you like my summer proposal with distressed jeans?

Is it for you a shirt and jeans is also a perfect duo?
For me, such a set is a favourite all year round. It is practically just as reliable as a little black one – it can be worn on many occasions, it is super comfortable and it always fits to wear it. Styling with jeans and a shirt is simple, classic and universal.
If you have a dilemma in what to wear, then this combination will always help you.
Do you like my summer offer with lightly worn jeans? Leave a comment.

Jeans: River Island Shirt: Ralph Lauren Bag: Furla Sandals: New Look Sunnies: Celine

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