Gray In The Winter

Recently, my designs were dominated by dark colors. It’s time to introduce some brighter colors and summon spring! It is true that the weather does not announce sunny days, and the morning frosts still give way. However, there is nothing to break down! Soon we will jump into comfortable sneakers and say goodbye to a sad winter. In the meantime, let’s use warm sweaters and soft scarves, which also have their charm 🙂

Contrary to appearances, winter is a very nice time to make stylizations. You can use various items of clothing to create interesting combinations. Caps, gloves or fluffy bags are accessories that can change every setting. At the end of the sale, their prices are very low, so it is worth searching. My purse is a Parfois sale booth.

Whenever I saw her on the shelf, I knew he had to go to my wardrobe. It is the perfect addition to winter clothes! Another interesting element that diversifies our winter stylizations is tights. Until now, I tolerated only black and nude models. This year I decided to try with patterns. It was a hit! Even the simplest stylization becomes original and interesting due to such a small element. Already in the next post, I will show you that this is a very simple matter 🙂

Author: milanojony

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